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About Us

Western Container Corporation  of Beloit, Wisconsin is a progressive manufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes
and precision cores in addition to our extensive offering of packaging supplies.  Our relationship with the world's
top paper tube equipment designers ensures our customers benefit from the latest technological improvements
in the industry.  Our close contacts with the paperboard manufacturers provide us access to their expertise in
paper manufacturing and specialty paper grades.  Participation in international trade association acttivities
keeps us abreast of the latest indutry trends,  On-time availability and delivery of our products is backed by our
relationship with retail couriers and our own shipping facilities.

We strive to exceed the highest level of safety and quality control standards.  In fact, our safety record exceeds
the industry's average!  We work proactively to improve our safety record on a continual basis.  This includes
keeping current on industry specific machine guarding and safety training.  Quality control procedures are strictly
adhered to in our manufacturing process.  Our employees are thoroughly trained in these procedures which provide
the highest quality and excellence in our products.

Western Container  can custom design your label through a partnership with commercial printers.  The result is a
superior label design, quality, and competive pricing.  In-line printing of logos, identification markings and bar codes
are also available.

Western Container  believes that our focus on the customer is a fundamental component of good business.  We are
committed to meeting the individual needs of our customers and providing the individual services they demand.  We
see endless opportunities to simplify and enhance our services through internet applications and online ordering.  We
look forward to servicing your compnany in the best way possible.